Circular Economy

Circular Economy

03. august 2022.

The circular economy is a model in which waste is recycled and reused. It is based on the three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle (reduction, reuse and recycling). This maximizes resource utilization while protecting the environment.

In contrast to circular economics, linear economics is based on a take-do-use-throw model. Because of the application of this model, natural resources are being consumed at an uncontrollable rate, and waste ends up in landfills, resulting in a highly negative impact on the environment.

What does the application of circular economy principles look like in practice? To help, avoid using disposable plastic cups, cutlery, drinking straws, etc., recycle old clothes, use cotton bags instead of plastic bags, cotton towels instead of kitchen towels, hand over old computers and other electrical appliances to collectors who have a permit to collect this type of waste, and so on.

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